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Jiangsu Qiwang 2018 Third Training Session was successfully concluded

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2018/07/10 10:52
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On May 26th, our company held the " Jiangsu Qiwang 2018 Third Training Session" at Nanyuan Hotel - training on the team's positive energy and efficient Executive force.
We invited Mr. Liang Fei who is an MBA graduated from Zhejiang University / Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang University / Guest lecturer with EDP at Tsinghua University / Guest lecturer at Zhejiang Party Committee Party School / Guest commentator of Zhejiang TV Station Public News Channel Before Mr. Liang began the training, Mr. Lloyd Hu, our company’s general manager, took the stage and made a mobilization speech for everyone.
Teacher Liang Fei started the training with an interactive game. He taught us to cross our hands on our chest and then open arms in the opposite direction. This little game reflects the cooperation between the left and right hands, and the essence of learning is participation and breakthrough.
Liang Fei’s teaching style is humorous and full of appeal. This training uses a variety of experiential teaching, so we feel that learning is a pleasure.
Positive energy of the team is the source of the development of the enterprise, and efficient execution is the guarantee for the healthy operation of the enterprise.
Through this training, we fully understand our roles and characteristics in the team and understand what value we can bring to the team and help us to communicate more effectively with others in the work and daily life.
Each individual's growth can’t be short of continuous learning, and so is each company's growth After this training, we will work harder to create a high-performance team.
Finally, thanks for Mr. Liang's wonderful courseware and lively lectures. Jiangsu Qiwang 2018 Third Training Session was successfully completed.