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JIANGSU INS-HOPE NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional agrochemical supplier with three production bases, one is Intermediate Factory and the other two are Formulation Plants. We are dealing with Agrochemical Intermediates, Technicals and Formulations, as well as some basic chemical products. Our products cover the world's leading herbicides, fungicides, insecticides.

We are export-oriented, timely tracking and understanding the development direction of global target markets and key demand products, so as to follow up the production, packaging, registration and so on. The products have been sold to more than ten major agricultural countries and regions, and have been highly recognized and praised by customers in the domestic and foreign markets.

The whole team has been in Agrochemical area for more than 15 years and accumulated professional technology in production, abundant resources and established a worldwide sales net work. Our target is to use our technology and resource to serve worldwide agrochemical market and contribute our efforts in plant protection.